The Mindful Workweek: How to Keep Moving in the Right Direction

Disclaimer: I can be very direct sometimes.

Sometimes I will be working with clients who are self-sabotaging themselves and their career due to fear and I pull them up on it.

We then work out how to move past their fear, and replace their unproductive habits with productive habits.

Other times I’ve helped leaders who feel paralysed by stress and won’t or can’t make critical decisions.

Together, we identify why this happens, and agree to a new decision making framework to make efficient and effective decisions.

It’s important to have someone you trust who will challenge you on your behaviours.

That’s what a great coach can do for you. 

A coach helps you move forward.

If you’re not moving forward you’re moving backwards.

seaport during daytime

SN Goenka used to say we are always moving in one of four potential directions:

1. Some of us are moving from darkness to light. 

We understand we’ve been living in fear, or prioritising the wrong things, and have started to realise there is a better way to live.

If this is you, keep going.  Keep putting one foot forward after the other and keep your focus on what’s important.

2. Some of us are moving from light to light. 

We are focused on what’s important, and continue to experiment with improvements we can make in our life. We keep our minds, bodies and actions positive for our own good, the benefit of our work, families and communities.

If this is you, keep going. Inspire others and celebrate your victories.

3. Some of us are moving from light to darkness. 

We may have experienced success, but for various reasons we have lost our way. Perhaps we rested on our laurels, we got lazy, or more often than not, we became fearful and our ego caused us to lose focus on what’s truly important.

If this is you, it’s time to bounce back.  Pause, speak with your coach, mentors, trusted advisers and friends, and bring your focus back to what’s important.

4. Finally, some of us constantly move from darkness to darkness. 

We are constantly living in fear, focusing on the wrong things, and repeating the same unproductive behaviours. Our careers are on a downward trajectory.

If this is you, take heart.  We’ve all been there, and there are people and resources around to help you.

Ask for the help you need. Think about creating a team to support you. Talk to your manager, engage a coach, or seek out mentoring. Build up your personal support network outside of work, and spend more time with loved ones to re-calibrate. If necessary, talk to your doctor about anxiety and/or depression.

It takes courage to ask for help, but when you do, it’s overwhelming to hear how many people have experienced the same issues as you.

Keep moving forward. I believe in you

Cholena xo

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