How To Set A Truly Powerful New Year’s Resolution.

Before I outline the way to set powerful New Year’s Resolutions I need to tell you a story. 
people at concert
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A few years ago I went to a concert by a new talented artist called Sampa the Great.

Sampa the Great is a female singer-songwriter from Zambia who now lives in Australia.

It was 2016 and her 6th concert ever which is why I was delighted to see she had packed out the venue.

More than that, I was excited to hear her upbeat and inspirational lyrics.

As a music lover I’ve sampled my fair share of Hip Hop over the last 20 years and usually the audience is 90% male and the lyrics are full of expletives.

Sampa the Great’s music was uplifting. Everyone was dancing and she attracted a gender balanced audience.

What was most impressive was the way her voice filled the venue. Particularly when she appeared to be less than 5 foot tall. Her presence filled the room.

She started talking. 

She said something like. “Growing up, I never thought I’d have those two words beside my name “the Great”.

My heart stopped.

“But now, as Sampa the Great each day I remind myself to be great. I am constantly reminded to produce great music, be great to others and encourage others to be great.” 

(I’m paraphrasing but you get the idea)

I was ecstatic that this beautiful young artist was describing something that I teach my clients.

Your identity guides your behaviour.

Look at other artists who are clear about both their identify and their performance.

The Prodigy didn’t call themselves that to just produce music which sounds the same as everyone else.

Queen Latifa doesn’t get out of bed in the morning and start asking others for permission to produce her work.

DJ Yoda promises an experience similar to that which we all experienced the first time we saw Star Wars.

If Hip Hop doesn’t resonate with you think Superhero.

Superman doesn’t approach things in an ordinary way.

Identity helps guide our behaviour. 

If one of your goals for 2020 is to be fit and healthy, to be successful you should develop an identity as a “healthy person”. When you identify as being a “healthy person” you’ll make better decisions about what you put in your mouth and how you move your body.

Choose an identity for 2020 which will inspire you.

The identity that guides my behaviour is “awesome” (DJ Orrsum for short).

When I wake up in the morning I tell myself “I’m going to have an awesome day”, when I work with clients I want to help them achieve “awesome outcomes”, when I spend time with my family & friends I want them to have an “awesome time” and I try and treat other human beings “awesomely”.

What do you want your identity to be in 2020?

I hope it’s awesome!



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