Waking up with the world…

I did something today that I haven’t done in nine months or so.

I went to a yoga class. It was amazing and I’m so grateful.

You see, I live in Melbourne with my family and we have been in lock down in one form or another since March.

Today was the first time in months I left the house for something other than grocery shopping or food.

We are very lucky to both be in positions where my husband and I could work from home. Our son also moved home just before lock down having just broken up with his girlfriend of four years.

We have been very lucky and also, we are all very tired of being inside all day.

We’ve been fortunate to have access to Covid-19 tests whenever we were worried about coughing or sneezing, and that our government and leaders have been willing to take massive action to starve the disease.

We did the right thing. We wore masks. We stayed inside as much as possible. We made sure we knew the rules and followed them.

And now, we’re coming out of our cocoon.

Slowly. At our own pace.

I am sure the rest of the world won’t be too far behind us given that vaccines seem to be likely.

One thing I’ve observed about myself is that I’m actually a little scared about getting back to my old life.

As much as I want to get out of my house… I’m also a bit worried about getting caught up in the rat race again.

I’m starting to appreciate how much our lives had slowed down.

You can really feel things starting to speed up again.

It’s still strange to be walking around without masks.

The roads and trams are starting to get busier.

We’re getting invitations to parties.

There are weddings again!

I’m so happy for all the people who are getting back to work, and all of the businesses who are making money again.

But also, I want to be a bit more mindful now this is nearly over and we’re getting back to post COVID-19 life.

And so, I’m going back to yoga. Because I am not quite ready to get back to a life that is that same speed as 2019, in fact, in 2021 I plan on keeping to middle speed and taking care of our health and wellbeing.

One downward dog at a time!

Keep moving forward… and do it at your speed,

Cholena xo

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