Universal Strategies to improve your productivity

One Touch- One Decision 

Apply the one touch- one decision making approach whenever you make decisions about new tasks such as email processing and interruptions. It helps us to be more mindful about what activities we commit to, when and how they should be done.

There are two mindsets involved, triaging and processing. The first is to determine whether or not you will actually take on the task.  This is important.  In the past you may have found you simply moved straight into “doing” without considering whether you should or should not take on the task.  

Our new habit is to ask ourselves: “Do I need to do something?”

Consider whether there is alignment between the task, and the priorities in your role. When you have multiple tasks to triage, keep this hat on, working through each task making decisions as to whether you should, or should not do them.

The next step is to determine when you should do the work you’ve decided to action.  

Ask yourself: 

  • “What is the next step?”  
  • “How long will it take?”  
  • “Can I do it now?” 

If the task takes less than five minutes and can be done straight away.  Do it now.

If the task takes more than five minutes or can’t be done straight away.  Schedule the task into your diary or task list.  

Once completed, file, throw out or delete the request.  

Calls to action:

  • Decide on the time-wasting habits which have the greatest impact on you and focus on them for the next two to four weeks.  Once you feel confident you’ve mastered one habit, return to this page and choose another.  

Habits to work on:

Old HabitNew Habit
Constantly checking emailEmail batching
Messy Desk/WorkspaceClean Desk Policy
Letting yourself get interruptedBatching communications
Unnecessary meetingsAsking: Is this meeting really necessary?
Unproductive meetingsAlways have an agenda, stick to your agenda, always have outcomes, allow time after every meeting for follow up
Poor planningWeekly planning (Friday or Monday)
ProcrastinationOne touch-one decisionBetter Scheduling
Lack of energyExerciseHealthy eatingMindfulness
Gossip/PoliticsBuild relationships
Understand but don’t get involved in politics

Let us know how you go.

Keep moving forward,

Cholena xoxo

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